When: Every Thursday at 7pm to 8:30pm

Where: Grosse Schanze – Parkterrasse

How to sign up: There is no prior sign up necessary. Instead you come to us upon arrival and we will place you a group.

How does it work?

Upon arrival we will ask you 2 key questions.

  1. What is your mother tongue/fluent language?
  2. What is your target language

Then, based on these answers we match you in a group where you exchange your fluent language for your target language. For example, (this is just an example) if you speak German and a learning Spanish we will put you at a Spanish – German table. At this table there will be a mixture of Spanish fluent speakers and English fluent speakers. The idea is that you then exchange language.

In order to ensure a fair language exchange takes place, we ring a Swiss Cow Bell every 5 mins, so it would be during 5 mins you speak your fluent language so that the others can benefit from your knowledge and then 5 misn later when you hear the bell ring again your speak your target language. This “give-and-take” system create a win:win and everybody can improve their speaking skills in their target language,

Also, each table has a max of 5 people, we do this so that the conversations are easier to follow.